Quick Start Guide

Thanks for creating an account on eKco! We’ve put together this quick guide to help you get up and running with your account as quickly as possible with 6 easy steps.

  1. Logging into your eKco account
  2. Upload your logo
  3. Customise your website name and tagline
  4. Select your font styles & colours
  5. Select a background
  6. Connect up your PayPal account to receive payments


1. Logging into your eKco account

After registering and verifying your eKco account, you’ll always be able to find your account at http://<username>.myekco.com. For example, if you registered using the username “jsmith”, you’ll always be able to access your eKco account from http://jsmith.myekco.com.

Just click on the Login button and enter your username and password details to login:

Because you’re the owner of the account, when you are login, you’ll be taken to your Admin panel where you can manage your content and customize your account.

In addition, when you are viewing your eKco site, you’ll always see the Admin button in the top right hand corner of the page:

Clicking on this will take you back to your Admin panel at any time.


2. Upload your logo

By default, all eKco accounts start with the eKco logo as a placeholder. In most cases you’ll want to replace it with your own logo. Doing this is very simple.

In your Admin panel, from the left hand menu, select Customization.

Go to the ‘Upload Your Logo’ section and click on the Upload button to upload your logo. If it’s larger than 200px by 45px, you’ll also be given the option to crop the logo to fit the space available.


3. Customise your website name and tagline

Changing the name and tagline for your eKco account is very simple. Staying on the Branding & Setup page, all you need to do is go to the top of the screen, where you’ll see the following sections:

This represents your website name, e.g. John’s Website, John Smith’s Training, etc., as well as your tagline or slogan. Note that these can be helpful from an SEO point of view.


Don’t forget to click the Save button at the bottom of the page when you’re done.



4. Select your font styles & colours

Each eKco account comes with an almost unlimited range of fonts styles and colors that you can choose from to customise it to match your personal or company colours and styles.

You can also manage all of this from the Branding & Setup page.

There are two main categories of fonts to configure – Heading and Body Text. The Heading style is only used for title and headings on the site. Body Text is used for other normal text or descriptions.

From this section, you can use the ‘Font Family’ dropdown to select from the 650+ fonts available on Google Fonts.

You can also then use the color selectors to select the desired combination of colors you want for your eKco account, including for the buttons that are used on your account.



5. Select a background

This step is optional as not everyone wants or needs to have a customised background, however, for consistency of branding, you can also set your own background for your eKco account.

In order to do this, just go to Customization and then Site Pages in your Admin panel, and go to the section ‘Change Background’:

There are 3 options available from the dropdown:

  • No background (default)
  • Solid fill
  • Upload your own background

If you select ‘Solid Fill’, you’ll have the option of selecting a single solid color for your entire background:

Alternatively, if you have a specific image that you would like to use for your eKco account, you can upload one from your desktop:

When you upload your logo, you’ll also have a number of options to select from:

  • Normal: Your background image is centered in the middle of the screen. It is not resized, so to make sure it fits most screens, you will want an image that is at least 1,600x900 in size.
  • Stretch to fit: Your background image is centered in the middle of the screen and resized to automatically fit the dimensions of the screen. Keep in mind that very small images will end up looking pixelated if they are stretched to fit a much larger screen.
  • Tile: Your background image is tiled repeatedly across and down the screen.

As always, don’t forget to click the Save button before you move off the screen to ensure your changes are successfully captured.



6. Connect up your PayPal account to receive payments

Lastly, in order to make sure you can receive payment for your content, you’ll want to connect your eKco account up to your PayPal accpimt.

To do this, from the left-hand menu in your Admin panel, select My Account and then Payments, where you’ll see the following:

All you need to do is to enter the email address for your PayPal account into field provided, and click the Save button, and you’re done! You’re now ready to accept payments for your content on your eKco account.


Now all you have to do is start uploading up your content and getting it in front of your customers. Easy!


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