Integrating eKco with your existing domain

One of the more powerful features of eKco is the ability to integrate your eKco account with any existing domain that you own. This gives you the power to create an integrated experience for your customers, or even use eKco as your main website if you want to.


Before you start

To integrate your account with your domain is actually not as difficult as it sounds. However, a bit of preparation is required beforehand. You will need the following:

  • The domain or subdomain that you want your account to appear at, e.g. This can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it’s within standard internet conventions
  • Access to your DNS configuration panel. Depending on which hosting service you are using, this can vary. If you’re unsure, then it’s best to either check with your webmaster or ISP to find out how to access the DNS settings for your domain

With those two things ready, the rest is easy.


Redirecting your eKco account

From within your eKco Admin panel, go to Site -> Configuration, and you’ll see the following:

All you then need to do is, enter your target domain or subdomain into the field in Step 1 (e.g. and click ‘Save’.


Configuring your domain

Once that's done, go to your DNS configuration panel and create a new entry with the following details:

Name = (Replace this with your desired domain)

TTL = 14400

Type = CNAME

Address =

And then save the new entry.

It might take a few hours before your new DNS settings take effect, however, in the meantime you can always still access your eKco account from it’s default location (e.g. in case you made a mistake with the DNS settings, or if you want to continue uploading content, etc., in the meantime.


Start using eKco at your new URL!

Once the new changes have taken effect, you’ll be able to access your eKco account from the new URL you selected at anytime. Easy!

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