Uploading a single video

If you haven't already done so, you should read through the Uploading content for the first time guide first.


Uploading a video onto eKco is a very simple affair. If you’ve uploaded a video onto YouTube before, you’ll find the process to be very similar. However, before we upload your first video, we just need to briefly discuss the topic of file format for your video.

On eKco, we currently support the following types of formats for video:

  • MP4 (recommended)
  • FLV
  • MOV
  • WMV

eKco has been built with native support for MP4 as it is one of the most popular video formats on the internet. We strongly recommend saving your videos in MP4 format wherever possible to get the best performance from eKco. You can also find many free video converters on the internet if you wish to convert any existing videos you have into MP4 format.

eKco supports video files of up to 1 Gb in size. If you need a larger capacity, please contact us at support@myekco.com to see how we can help you.


Uploading your video

So now to uploading a new video. You can do this via your eKco Admin panel by selecting Content from the left menu, and then Add New Content. This will bring up the following screen:


By default, the first dropdown box you see will have “Single Video” selected.

All you need to do now is following the prompts on the screen and enter the following:

1. Title Enter a title for your video
2. Description Enter a description for your video
3. Keywords Optional. Useful to help your customers when searching through your content.
4. Skills Optional. Helps your customers identify what they can expect to learn from your video.
5. Price Price for your video. Leave blank or put ‘0’ to set to free.
6. Category The categories are predefined based on the categories you created in Content - Manage Categories. Allows you to group related content together.
7. Presenter Allows you to select the presenter of the video. The presenters are predefined based the ones you have already setup in Presenters.
8. Main video This is the main video that you wish to upload. Just click ‘Browse’ and select the video you want from your desktop. Please ensure that it fits one of the supported video formats as list earlier.
9. Preview video

Because eKco is designed to help you sell your content, we strongly recommend that you also upload a preview version of your video (e.g. product / content teaser) to help your customer decide whether it’s what they want to purchase or not.

However, if you don’t have a preview video, don’t worry. If you don’t include a preview video, eKco will automatically create a 30 second clip from your main video for you.

10. Downloadable after purchase Check this if you want your customers to be able to download a copy of the video after they have purchased it, or alternatively just download it if it’s free.
11. Status

To have your new video displayed on your eKco account right away, select ‘Published’, which is the default value.

Alternatively, if you want to upload your video first without letting your customers access it, select ‘Hidden’ and it will not be available in the search results. You can always change this by going to Content, selecting your video and changing this to ‘Published’ to enable viewing by your customers.

Now click Save and let eKco do the rest. Depending on the size and file format of your video, it might take a little while for your new video to be available on your account. However, once it’s available, you’ll be able to see it by browsing for it on your eKco account:

And if you click into the video, you’ll also see the following:

Your video is now ready for your customers to view and purchase!

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