Payment models on eKco

So that you can offer the type of service you want for your customers, eKco supports a number of different payment models for your videos, including the ability to turn your eKco account into a subscription/membership site.

To select the payment model you wish to use for your eKco account, access your Admin panel and select My Account:

And then Payments:

On the Payments page, you’ll see the following:

You can select your desired payment model from the dropdown:

So how do each of the different payment models work?


How it works

What you’ll need


  • All your content is completely free for anyone who visits your eKco account to access.
  • No special requirements

Pay as you go

  • The initial model which your eKco account is set to by default.
  • Price and sell each item of content individually.
  • Customers who purchase an item content will have unlimited access to it while it remains available on your eKco account.
  • Email address for your PayPal account

Subscription only

  • You can offer and set prices for Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime subscriptions to your customers.
  • Customers who purchase a subscription will have access to all content on your eKco account while their subscription remains active.
  • You can offer just one or all 3 of the different subscription packages.
  • A business PayPal account
  • PayPal email address and API details

Subscription + Pay as you go

  • As per Subscription only, but also allows your customers to purchase content individually as per Pay as you go model
  • A business PayPal account
  • PayPal email address and API details

For every payment model except for Free, you will need to include the email address for your PayPal account in order to connect up payments from your customers direct to your PayPal account.

In addition, for any of the two subscription options – Subscription only and Subscription + Pay as you go – you will also need your PayPal API details. See Setting up your PayPal Subscription functionality for more details on getting your PayPal API details.

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